About Monty’s School of Kickboxing

Find out more about my background in Martial Arts and Kickboxing

Monty started martial arts at the age of 14. The first style Monty studied was Shotokan Karate. Monty fought in his first competition a few months after starting the club, 2nd December 1989. Monty was a yellow belt and after twelve hours Monty fought his final fight and won the Bob Reed Trophy.

After a few years of training in Shotokan Monty decided to try Shukokai Karate and spent ten years learning and competing in this style. Other commitments meant Monty had to give up Shukokai Karate and it was at this point that he first got involved in kickboxing.

Monty discovered that kickboxing suited him well and competed in his first competition in York at the Oriental Sport Association where he fought three individuals and won. Monty’s passion for American Kickboxing has grown consistently and has now spent nearly twenty years studying the style as well as teaching for nearly eleven years.

Outside of Kickboxing, Monty likes to keep busy!!!

Besides teaching kickboxing Monty has a number of roles such as actor, inspirational talker, and professional wrestler.

Monty has been acting since 2015 and has been in a number of television programmes such as Man Like Mobeen, Save Money Lose Weight, You Are What You Wear, Snatch TV Series, Andor on the Disney Channel, featured roles in Polterheist and Big Trouble In Little India, Bollywood plus many more.

Monty’s other passion is wrestling which he has been involved in since 2001. Monty wrestles as The Persian Heavyweight Champion Mustafa Khan – UKW Heavyweight Champion a number of times, a fan favourite and numerous Tag Team Champion.